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SYMP 01: Neurodegenerative Dementing Disorders, Brain Over-excitation, and EEG Signatures: Preclinical and Clinical Evidence

Claudio Babiloni Heikki Tanila (Finland)
Claudio Del Percio (Italy)
Laura Bonanni (Italy)
5th June, WED 12:30 14:00

SYMP 02: Brainstem SIG Symposium – State of the art in intraoperative monitoring of the brainstem

Satu Jääskeläinen Isabel Fernández-Conejero (Spain)
Pepijn van den Munckhof (Netherlands)
Vedran Deletis (USA/Croatia)
5th June, WED 12:30 14:00

SYMP 03: Spontaneous and stimulation dependent markers of the effectiveness of
ANT-DBS treatment

Daniel Fabo Sandipan Pati (USA)
Ivan Rektor (Czech Republic)
Daniel Fabo (Hungary)
5th June, WED 14:30 16:00

SYMP 04: Evoked potentials and their clinical implications in CNS diseases

Anna Pokryszko-Dragan Beata Zakrzewska-Pniewska (Poland)
Anna Pokryszko-Dragan (Poland)
Monika Nojszewska (Poland)
5th June, WED 14:30 16:00

SYMP 05: The Construction of Pain

Luis García-Larrea Luis García-Larrea (France)
Hélène Bastuji (France)
Markus Ploner (Germany)
6th June, THU 11:00 12:30

SYMP 06: Diagnosing amyotrophic lateral sclerosis

Birger Johnsen Birger Johnsen (Denmark)
Mamede de Carvalho (Portugal)
Hatice Tankisi (Denmark)
6th June, THU 11:00 12:30

SYMP 07: Advanced Technologies in Clinical Neurophysiology

Angelo Quartarone Antonio Suppa (Italy)
Roberto Eleopra (Italy)
Simone Rossi (Italy)
6th June, THU 11:00 12:30

SYMP 08: Quantified Measures for Motor Unit’s Bioelectrical Activity

Mehmet Baris Baslo Mehmet Baris Baslo (Turkey)
Erik Stalberg (Sweden)
Ali Emre Oge (Turkey)
Sanjeev Nandedkar (USA)
6th June, THU 13:30 15:00

SYMP 09: Can salience mask the genuine nociceptive brain activity?

Massimiliano Valeriani Ulf Baumgaertner (Germany)
Alexandra Montavont (France)
Marina de Tommaso (Italy)
6th June, THU 13:30 15:00

SYMP 10: Applications of novel therapeutic transcranial magnetic stimulation techniques

Josep Valls-Solé Leticia Leocani (Italy)
Antonio Oliviero (Spain)
Francesca Puledda (UK)
6th June, THU 13:30 15:00

SYMP 11: Changes in Axonal Excitability in Neurological Disease

David Burke
Christian Krarup
David Burke (Australia)
Hessel Franssen (Netherlands)
Dirk Czesnik (Germany)
Christian Krarup (Denmark)
6th June, THU 16:30 18:00

SYMP 12: Human brain networks in physiological and pathological aging: graph theory application

Fabrizio Vecchio Fabrizio Vecchio (Italy)
Francesca Miraglia (Italy)
Paolo Maria Rossini (Italy)
6th June, THU 16:30 18:00

SYMP 13: Entrapment neuropathies, updated diagnostic electrophysiological techniques

Ann Hanafy Ann Hanafy (Egypt)
Ayat Allah Farouk Hussein (Egypt)
Amira M. El Gohary (Egypt)
6th June, THU 16:30 18:00

SYMP 14: Myths and truths of high frequency oscillations (HFO) as markers of epileptogenic tissue

Milan Brazdil Premysl Jiruska (Czech Republic)
Milan Brazdil (Czech Republic)
Johannes Sarnthein (Switzerland)
Maeike Zijlmans (Netherlands)
7th June, FRI 09:00 10:30

SYMP 15: Brain Stimulation – Networks, Semiology, Clinical Value

Tudor Lupescu Ioana Mîndruță (Romania)
Andrei Barborică (Romania)
Tudor Lupescu (Romania)
7th June, FRI 09:00 10:30

SYMP 16: Muscle and Nerve Damage in Intensive Care: electrophysiological studies

Mamede De Carvalho Mamede De Carvalho (Portugal)
Werner Z’Graggen (Switzerland)
Jean-Philippe Camdessanche (France)
7th June, FRI 13:30 15:00

SYMP 17: Facial Reinnervation and Function

Hilmi Uysal Hilmi Uysal (Turkey)
Cagdas Topcu (Poland)
Utku S Yavuz (Germany)
7th June, FRI 13:30 15:00

SYMP 18: Neurophysiological evaluation in sleep disorders and neurodegeneration

Poul Jennum Poul Jennum (Denmark)
Marit Otto (Denmark)
Fabio Pizza (Italy)
7th June, FRI 13:30 15:00
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