Speakers Technical Information

Information for speakers and authors


Speakers and presenters will not be able to use their personal computers to present slides at ECCN 2019. All PowerPoint presentations must be handed in advance at the Speakers Ready Room. All presentations will be stored and distributed to the meeting room in time for your session.

All PowerPoint presentations should be handed preferable the day before or at least 2-3 hours before the session starts on the session day. Please secure sufficient time to deliver your slides to the Speakers Ready Room. Keep in mind that mornings and lunch breaks are very busy, as many of your colleagues will be uploading slides as well.


The Speakers Ready Room is located in Room WISLA ( Level 3 ). The technician of the Speakers Ready Room will save your presentation so that it will be available on the computer in your session room when you come to speak. Please preview your presentation carefully on the Speakers Ready Room computer assigned to you by the technician before the final sign off. If you are making more than one speech during the congress, you may upload all your presentations at the same time and they will be sent to their corresponding session room at the time of your sessions.

The Speakers Ready Room is located in Room WISLA ( Level 3 ). Opening hours :
Wednesday, 5 June 07.00-18.00 h
Thursday, 6 June 07.00-18.00 h
Friday, 7 June 07.00-18.00 h
Saturday, 8 June 07.30-13.30 h

Speakers and oral presenters should make sure all fonts appear as expected and all sound/video clips are working properly before they leave the Speakers Ready Room. Proper identification is required in order to submit a presentation and also to upload, preview and edit files in the Speakers Ready Room. Please check in with the technician on arrival in the room. Kindly note that storage devices ( USB Memory Sticks, CDs, DVDs, etc. ) will not be returned if left behind, please ensure that devices are collected before the close of the congress, after which they will be destroyed.


The PowerPoint handling and distribution system is optimized for MS PowerPoint 2016, Office 2016 and PDF Adobe Acrobat files. Note that the uploading of DVD-Movies is not supported. The supported data media are CD, DVD ( as data storage media ) and USB memory stick. All necessary files, including the movie files, must be on the data media. Presentations can also be taken off speaker’s notebooks at the Speakers Ready Room.

Please only use Latin based fonts. If special fonts are needed, they should be stored as ‘embedded fonts’ within the presentation ( file > save as ‘name of presentation’ and under ‘toolssave options’ mark the checkbox ‘embed true type fonts’ and select ‘embed all characters’ ).

Presentations should be saved as ppt, pptx ( PowerPoint ) or pps, ppsx ( PowerPoint Slideshow ) and movies as separate files on the data media. When using mathematical symbols please use those, which are available under Latin fonts ( Unicode or DOS: Western Europe ). These can be shown without any problems in Office 2016. The presentation computers and projectors will be set up and optimized for 4/3 aspect ratio-full HD in all meeting rooms. As format for embedded movies, MP4 movies are preferred, but may also be avi, wmv.