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EC_L01: Hands-on Teaching Course on Nerve and Muscle Excitability Studies, including MScan MUNE

Hatice Tankisi Hatice Tankisi (Denmark)
Hugh Bostock (UK)
Peter Grafe (Germany)
Werner Z´Graggen (Switzerland)
5th June, WED 08:00 16:30

EC_L02: Implementing Neuromuscular Ultrasound in clinical neurophysiologic everyday practice

Erisela Qerama Montvilas Erisela Qerama Montvilas (Denmark)
Nils Wolfram (Denmark)
Alexander Grimm (Germany)
Luca Padua (Italy)
5th June, WED 08:00 16:30





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EC_S01: Single-Fiber EMG

Donald Sanders Erik Stålberg (Sweden)
Janice Massey (USA)
Donald Sanders (USA)
5th June, WED 08:00 12:00

EC_S02: EEG processing and analysis TBC

Martin Lamoš Martin Lamoš (Czech
Radek Mareček (Czech
Filip Plešinger (Czech
5th June, WED 08:00 09:30

EC_S03: Conventional neurophysiology options for the study of small fibers

Josep Valls-Solé Markus Kofler (Spain)
Isabel Conceiçao (Spain)
Josep Valls-Solé (Spain)
5th June, WED 08:00 09:30

EC_S04: Testing of the vestibular system for the beginners

Mario Habek Alfarghal Mohammed (Saudi Arabia)
Eleftherios Papathanasiou (Greece)
Mario Habek (Croatia)
5th June, WED 08:00 09:30

EC_S05: Challenges of EEG Interpretation in Critically-ill Patients: Case-based Course

Betul Baykan Ebru Altindag (Turkey)
Nese Dericioglu (Turkey)
Sándor Benizcky (Denmark)
Betul Baykan (Turkey)
5th June, WED 09:30 12:00

EC_S06: Improving the ENMG in children

Yann Pereon Yann Pereon (France) 5th June, WED 09:30 12:00

EC_S07: From interictal and ictal EEG to syndrome diagnosis and etiology

Anna Kaminska Anna Kaminska (France)
Emma Losito (France)
Marie-Dominique Lamblin (France)
5th June, WED 14:00 16:00

EC_S08: Mastering semi-quantitative motor unit potential analysis skills

Devon Rubin Devon Rubin (USA) 5th June, WED 14:00 16:00

EC_S09: Needle EMG testing: how to solve problems when interpretation becomes difficult…

Yann Pereon Yann Pereon (France) 6th June, THU 07:30 09:00

EC_S10: How and when to test autonomic nervous system?

Mario Habek Mario Habek (Croatia)
Ellen Merete Hagen (Austria)
Alessandra Fanciulli (UK)
6th June, THU 07:30 09:00

EC_S14: Seizure types: An interactive video-EEG session

Sándor Beniczky Sándor Beniczky (Denmark) 6th June, THU 07:30 09:00

EC_S11: EMG approach to acute and chronic polyneuropathy

Pascal Proot Pascal Proot (Belgium) 7th June, FRI 07:30 11:00

EC_S12: Conventional and Threshold Tracking TMS

Bülent Cengiz Bülent Cengiz (Turkey)
Ulf Ziemann (Germany)
John Rothwell (UK)
Gintaute Samusyte (UK)
7th June, FRI 07:30 11:00

EC_S13: Quantitative Electromyography

Christian Krarup Christian Krarup (Denmark)
Steffen Birk (Denmark)
Hatice Tankisi (Denmark)
Clarissa Crone (Denmark)
7th June, FRI 07:30 11:00



*Educational Courses are NOT included on the Congress registration fee. You must book and pay the corresponding Course fee for each session you wish to attend. (please refer to the Registration section)
During the online registration process, you will be asked to confirm sessions attendance.
**Further details on the Educational Courses contents will be posted later on.


– May be based on a well-established scientific or clinical theme and provide an update on an established, contemporary and relevant scientific or clinical topic.

– Should be planned for 90 minutes and should include no more than three (3) speakers for theoretical courses while hands-on courses may be planned for 120, 180 or 240 minutes and may include four (4) speakers.
– Should utilize a lecture style learning format.

While submissions into both categories are welcome, the ECCN2019 Scientific Program Committee shall make the final determination regarding whether a session shall be scheduled as either a scientific or teaching session.
Please provide:
1) The title of your session proposal
2) The names and affiliations of each proposed speaker
3) The title of each speaker’s talk
4) A 200 words session description
All the proposals MUST be submitted through the online Symposia & EC Proposals FORM.
All suggested speaker should agree with the proposal.
The organisers will cover two nights’ accommodation and congress fees will be waived.
Teaching sessions will require a minimum number of 15 participants.

Symposia & Educational Courses Proposals SUBMISSION deadline: 31st July, 2018

Symposia & Educational Courses ACCEPTANCE: 31st August, 2018