European Chapter of the International Federation of Clinical Neurophysiology


for the XVIIth European Congress of Clinical Neurophysiology,
Warsaw, June 5-8, 2019

The EC-IFCN has agreed to offer 25 bursaries for the conference worth up to €500 each, used to offset conference registration with the remainder to be used by bursary recipients for travel and accommodation.
These will be awarded competitively to candidates who are trainees in Clinical Neurophysiology and who intend to take this up as their career and who will normally be under 35 years of age.

Candidates must submit an abstract for the conference and should apply for a bursary to both the ExCo EC-IFCN (address below) and to their national society. Requirements are:

  1. Conference abstract submitted
  2. Proof of age and nationality
  3. Letter of support from host department

Each national society will then be asked to rank submissions from its country. The first from each country will be forwarded to the Executive Committee, EC-IFCN. In the event of each of the 31 countries of the EC-IFCN submitting a candidate then ExCo- EC-IFCN will decide which candidates will be successful, depending on the abstract merit with some recognition also of the research possibilities in each country. In case fewer than 25 bursaries are submitted, national societies will be asked to submit a reserve as well. Then ExCo EC-IFCN will decide which amongst the second ranked abstracts should be awarded one of the remaining bursaries once the first choice of each national society has been awarded a bursary.

The DEADLINES are as follows:

**Applications for bursaries, to National Societies and ExCo EC-IFCN:
Closing Date: 
Tuesday, January 15th, 2019

**Forwarding of Bursary rankings from National Societies to ExCo EC-IFCN:
Friday, March 1st, 2019

**Announcement of Bursary Awards by ExCo EC-IFCN:
Friday, March 15th, 2019


Bursary winners will be informed by email. Names will also be announced on the ECCN and the EC-IFCN websites. Bursary winners will have the balance of the money paid via bank transfer after the ECCN and will be required to give their bank details at the congress as proof of attendance.

Hatice Tankisi, Secretary, ExCo, EC-IFCN,