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* Abstracts must be submitted using exclusively the above on-line abstract submission form.
* Submission of an abstract acknowledges your acceptance for its publication in the final program of the Congress
* The abstract must follow the following structure:
   – Background
   – Material and methods
   – Results
   – Conclusions
* The presenting author must register for the conference before March 31st to ensure the abstract is included in the programme and scheduled for presentation.
* The presenting author is required to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission.
* Authors will be required to indicate the preferred Presentation type of their abstract: Oral or Poster.
* Abstracts must NOT exceed 250 words and must be submitted in English. Please do not leave blank lines to separate paragraphs.

Please type the text of the abstract in Word using ‘Arial’ font and paste it into the corresponding field. Greek and mathematical symbols are accepted if they are

created in ‘Arial’ font. Please be sure to follow this rule. Bold, italic and underlined texts are not accepted.


NEW Abstract Submission DEADLINE: February 15th, 2019